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Nature’s Ceylon Cinnamon House (Pvt) Ltd, is a part of Nature’s Group of companies and the leading company in planting, processing, and exporting specialized in Ceylon Cinnamon and other Ceylon spices, to Mexico, El-Salvadore, Ecuador, Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, USA, UK, Bolivia, Peru, Australia, and Middle East market, etc.
The company has gone from strength to strength by successfully expanding the variety of quality products and providing permanent employment for a large number of people in Sri Lanka.

The Story of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the ancient spices in the world. Ceylon cinnamon, “Cinnamomum zeylanicum” native to Sri Lanka belongs to the Lauraceae family. The history of the cinnamon is about 2800 B.C old. The Egyptians used cinnamon for medicine and food enhancers as well as the embalming process. Mexico, Asiatic countries, Arabia and North Africa were used in cooking. The Romans it has been used mostly in perfumes and fragrances and to flavor wines.

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